Surviving the Traffic

The thing about Facebook groups for communities is that you always get stuck in the same rut.

You push on, but the old lady or politically active man from down the road constantly nags, and petitions, and complains.

Now, we’re not saying complaints are bad, but let’s be honest. When you’re in the mood to complain, you just want to complain with a few like minded people, get it off your chest, and move on. You don’t want that feed popping into your Facebook feed when you’re trying to get yourself up to date with what’s happening in the lives of your family and friends.

So we created this whirlwind of traffic. Let off your steam on our forum page, or use these tips to help you while away the time in your car, safely.

Get a GPS system

Track your family, change your routes, calculate distances, calculate approximate travel time – all of this, and much more, is possible with a GPS system, or ‘sat nav’, installed.

Call your mom

An hour in traffic is the perfect time to catch up on calls. Your mom, your gran, your best friend. Even that voice mail you’ve been trying to ignore all week – you never know, it might just be a job. Just make sure you’re using your hands-free kit, or earphones. We don’t need any accidents to make the traffic worse that it is already.

Take time out

You have more than likely got an hour to yourself to let go of the day (or prepare for the day). Turn off the radio, soak in the silence, and get to grips with what’s going on in your head.

Your nails

If you’re going to look at them for another hour, you might as well sort those nails out quickly. A trip, some love from a nail file, a quick slap of paint.

 Clean out

Been meaning to grab those soda cans off a while, but jut not getting there? Here’s some advice – keep a carrier bag or 3 in your car, and use the time to get as much as you can reach with out jeopardizing your own safety.

If you still need to vent, here you go.

If not, hope you’ll stick around a bit longer.