Avoiding Accidents

Sometimes, accidents cause traffic. Sometimes, traffic causes accidents.

Whichever situation you’re in, use these tips to keep yourself, your passengers, and your car, safe while you’re on the road.

number 1Don’t slump: It’s a natural reaction that we’re likely all guilty of. As we realize that we’re about to become part of a slow-moving wall of traffic, we sigh, and sink down into our car seat. This means we’re not in the best position to handle our cars – not a great idea.

number2Keep your distance. When you’re creeping along a highway at a snails pace, it can be tempting to edge right up to the car in front of you so that you feel as though you’re moving. But as we creep a long, so distractions creep in, and the next thing you know you’ve crept up too far, or too quickly, and the other car hasn’t actually moved. Well, apart from when your bashed into them and nudged them forwards, that is.

number 3Do a mirror check as you get into the car. Are they all positioned correctly? Do this a few times and not only will it become habit, but you’ll never have to worry about not seeing danger coming your way while you’re driving.


number 4Ever been stuck in traffic, have it free up, only for you to turn a corner and find more? Haven’t we all. Tune in to the radio, and never take the end of the traffic for granted. If you’ve been stuck in traffic, your first response will be to speed off as soon as you get out and free. Our advice – take it easy on the road. If you haven’t passed an accident, chances are that it is still ahead of you, or it’s just a slow day on the roads.

number 5Keep an eye on the drivers around you. We’re not saying you need to become a stalker overnight, but suggest that you monitor what they’re getting up to. Is the lady in front of you putting on her makeup? Chances are she’s going to stall or wont move forward when the other cars do. Is that guy over there texting up a storm? Rather keep your distance. Don’t want him swaying into your late.